Nana Getashvili and Vernal Ball

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Starting with the ball at Ekaterina’s Palace Vernal Club System establishes the foundation for revival of the Russian nobiliary officer ball tradition.

The choice of the place for the celebration — Ekaterina’s Palace is no accident — as it is the standard of city manor of the 18 c., located in the centre of the capital. 

The event took place not only in the central hall of the palace, but also in museum halls which opened their doors in front of us. The original interiors of the end of the 18 — early 19 cc., Ayvazovsky’s, Levitan’s, Makovsky’s paintings created a unique atmosphere of the nobility ball. 

The ball on the instructions of the Council of the Club System Vernal was held by the Center of Legal Etiquette of celebrations «Elevated style». 

Among 400 visitors of Vеrnal Ball there were famous businessmen and politicians, scientists and artists, members, friends and partners of the Club system. 
The original scenario of Ekaterina’s ball consisting of three parts is the best traditions of the Russian nobility and officer balls in their modern version. 

On the front staircase of the Palace the guests were met by young cadets. 

During the event as in former times of Russian nobility balls special ball mail worked, there were musical divertissements, mini-lotteries. The charitable program of the event was presented by the project «The Dress for Cinderella» by the Welfare fund «Open Heart».