The Mysteries of Love

Russia, 2001

The documentary unlocks the physiological secrets why we feel what we do when we fall in love, and why romantic love is not really an emotion.

Though centuries have passed by, though relationships and love have blossomed, no one can give the definitive answer to this question. Without trying to embrace the unembraceable, a provocative documentary from the creators of the award-winning «Great Mystery of Water» brings together the latest findings on this matter in biology, anthropology, physics and neuroscience, as well as seeking the opinions of the leading authorities in literature, cinematography, art and religion. 

Filmed on four continents, «Love» proves that the emotion is as vital for humans as water and food. 

A challenging study of MRI brain scans by world-renowned scientists explains why love is so powerful, and why being rejected is so painful. The documentary unlocks the physiological secrets behind the fact why we feel what we do when we fall in love, and why romantic love is not really an emotion. Most amazing, though, is the notion that you cannot make a person love, an opinion shared by all interviewees — religious believers, agnostics and atheists. They all agree that love defies all known laws of science as the sublime truth.