• The Mysteries of Love

    The documentary unlocks the physiological secrets why we feel what we do when we fall in love, and why romantic love is not really an emotion.

  • The Mysteries of Death

    «The Mysteries of Death» was released in 2009. The documentary explains why we should treasure every moment of life and believe in Love.

  • The Freemasons

    They have been looking for truth in secret chambers and dungeons.

  • The Alchemy of Paris

    Notre-Dame Cathedral is known as «the Heart of Paris»

  • Returning to Paradise

    Damascus is considered the most ancient of the world’s existing cities.

  • The Mystery of The Great Seafarers

    The history of medieval Europe would have been boring without noble Templers.

  • The Enigmas of a Great Sphinx

    Without any design, he created architectural forms that have defied scientific explanation.

  • On the Threshold of the Sky

    The St Ferapont Monastery is the only remaining stone architectural complex in the north of Russia.

  • The Encrypted Wisdom

    He is one hundred years old. His name is Oscar Niemeyer. He is an architect, who had decided to change the world.

  • When The Gods Smile

    Angkor is a tumble-down city absorbed by the jungles. According to a version it had been the capital of an ancient Khmer state in the IX-XIV cc.


«Crawfishlike» is a comedy drama starring Mikhail Efremov.

Book and Album

Mysteries of World Architecture

Mysteries of World Architecture

«Mysteries of World Architecture» was published in 2008. The book also contains 8 episodes of the documentary «Mysteries of World Architecture» on DVD.
Philosophy of Interior

Philosophy of Interior

The 1st edition of the album «Philosophy of interior» by Nana Hernandez Getashvili was published in 2006