Nana Getashvili visiting Helen Yarmak

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To the comments and jokes of Pavel Volya, Garik Martirosyan and Garik Buldog-Kharlamov, Comedy Club residents, the popular singers, moderators, models, business people and athletes represented magnificent furs and the jewelry created by Helen Yarmak on the improvised fur cat-walk. 

Friends of Dom — Yury Rovensky, Artemiy Troitskiy, Ivan Rubin, Alexey Pushkov with his spouse and many others came. The Beijing Olympic champions Anna Gavrilenko and Margarita Aliychuk, the Grand Slam winner Anastasia Myskina, Alexandra Burataeva with her daughter, Gideon Vajnbaum, Alexander Siradekian (Fresh Art) and Liza Sharikova, Evgeniy Papunaishvili, Alina Tsevina — presented furs from Helen Yarmak to fit any tastes — from the Kamchatka fox to grey Barguzin sable. 

Nadia Skazka opened the show, having walked on a podium in a scarlet mink cardigan and in brilliants and sapphires, Sofiko Shevarnadze presented a royal lynx jacket and diamond jewelry, Dasha Dostal was irresistible and mysterious in a black fox dinner jacket, Victoria Bonya felt warm that evening because of a royal ermine with diamond collar, the coat from knitted mink underlined the shapes of Kiril Gusev’s athletic body, architect Nana Getashvili looked great in a grey Barguzin sable and a diamond necklace, Victoria Lopyreva was dressed in a long fox coat , and on her finger there was the ring with brilliants sapphires and topazes, Yana Rudkovskaya finished the show in a magnificent royal lynx fur coat.