International Construction Exhibition “Astana Build-2013”.

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15th Anniversary Kazakhstan International Exhibition “Astana Build 2013”.

The International Construction Exhibition “Astana Build 2013” was held in Astana from 22 to 24 May. More than 170 leading companies from 14 countries: Austria, Belarus, Germany, Italy, Spain, Canada, Kazakhstan, China, UAE, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Finland and South Korea attended the grand event.


At the annual specialized exhibition "Construction and Interiors, Heating and Ventilation, Windows and Doors, Facades, Road Construction, Ceramics and Stone", presented innovative technologies aimed at the development of "green economy" that was particularly important in the run-up to the World's Fair EXPO-2017.


NG Galaxy Holding GmbH became an award winner in the traditional contest "Debut of the Year" (the author of the project - President of NG Galaxy Holding GmbH, architect Nana Hernandez Getashvili) and was honored with the Certificates of Gratitude for the active participation in organization and holding the exhibition as a sponsor of Astana Build 2013.