MEMORIES OF TRAVELLING by Nana Getashvili for the 3rd Decor Week

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In February in the New Arena the 3rd Decor Week of «Mezonin» magazine opened with great success. 

The abundance of celebrities nearly outshone 17 stands of well-known Russian and foreign decorators, among whom are — Marushka Metts (Netherlands), Sherri Donghia (USA), Aurora Vivien (France). Absolute ornaments of the Week were magnificent expositions of Daum, Baccarat, Bernardaud, Faberge, Lalique, Christofle, Dior Home Collection and Saint-Louis. 
The theme of the exhibition this year set by «Mezonin» was «Memories of traveling». 
Professionals responded by materialized memoirs about India (Veronica Blumgren), Provence (Natalia Semenova), Italy (Alexey Bardash) and New York (Elena Shulga). 
Not all went so far: TV presenter Maria Shakhova «remembered» a summer residence situated near Moscow, Victoria Kruchinina — palaces of Oranienbaum, and Andrey Dmitriev — shine and poverty of St. Petersburg. 

Sponsors of the 3rd Decor Week of «Mezonin» magazine: 

G.I.P. Honka, Avtodom, Philips, the porcelain House, Malesan, «Moskva-Roma», Bombay Sapphire.

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