Nana Getashvili at the presentation of a new «Provasi» collection

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Those who visited interior salon «R-studio» during the presentation of a new collection «Vintage» from «Provasi» factory could be convinced once again that the sound classical furniture is similar to expensive vintage wine, the taste of which becomes in due course richer. 

Coffee tables and mirrors, refined bedrooms and soft sofas from «Vintage» collection are made with the use of the method of artificial ageing. The owner of the brand Roberto Provasi participated in the presentation and said that that was the best representation of his furniture in Moscow. The whole evening music in fusion style was playing, aroma of candles mixed up with gastronomic smells from restaurant «Antonio». The lottery with prizes from «Roberto Cavalli» became the culmination of the event. The smile of the lottery host Leonid Zaitsev could console those who didn’t get prizes. 

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