Nana Hernandez Getashvili

architect, designer, historian of the world architecture, producer, TV presenter

President of the group of international companies “NG Galaxy” Russia-Germany

Member of the Association of German Architects 

Member of the Artists’ Union of Russia

Member of the Interior Designers’ Union of the USA

Member of the Architects’ Union of Russia


Mother Nina Getashvili – professor of the Russian Academy of Art, Sculpture and Architecture, author of numerous scientific works on the history of art.

Father Georgy Getashvili – biophysicist, author of numerous scientific works in the sphere of research on the human DNA, (descendent from a Russian aristocratic family in the Caucasus).

During school years Nana Hernandez Getashvili was the winner of various contests in technical drawing. At the age of 17 she founded her own architectural studio, where space, volume, “haute couture” lines, colour, light and object were regarded as the basic artistic means.

This was followed by an honours degree of the Moscow Institute of Architecture (МАРХИ) and the continuation of studies in the London Academy of Architecture.

The first building (multistory office center on the Yauza river) designed by Nana Hernandez Getashvili was built during her third year at the Moscow Institute of Architecture. Since then more than a hundred residence and public buildings, private residences, luxury apartments, planes and yachts based on her projects have been erected, designed and reconstructed in Western Europe, Great Britain, the USA and Russia.  


Apart from designing separate buildings and architectural complexes, apart from furnishing and decorating interiors and creating items of house furniture which convey the sense of peace and comfort through tangible images, an architect with 22 years of experience Nana Hernandez Getashvili bravely penetrates into new creative spheres. In collaboration with her the elegant interiors of the 72-meter ocean-going motor yacht PREDATOR were accomplished. The construction of the yacht was finished in 2009 at the dockyards in Holland. It was considered to be the most innovative project throughout the whole history of the Danish shipbuilding company Feadship and the interior received the highest praise at the international yacht show in 2010 in Monaco. 

In 2008 Nana Hernandez Getashvili received an offer from the government of the People’s Republic of China to be the head architect in the project of a new city for two million citizens. Though due to family circumstances she had to refuse this flattering offer. At the international fair EKSPO 2008 (Saragossa, Spain) she acted as the author of the Russian exhibit which was awarded the silver medal for the best exhibit design, giving way only to the hosts of the fair – the Spanish. 

Nana Hernandez Getashvili obtained the «Person of the Year» award in 2008 «For the contribution to the development and promotion of Russian culture abroad». In 2008 she was named the winner of the «Style of the Year Award» in the category «Style in Creative Work».

Nana Hernandez Getashvili began collaborating with the television company NTV practically from the moment of creation of the program «Residence Makeover» («Квартирный вопрос») in 2001. Her inspirational imagination is present in the original redecoration of the interior of a number of apartments of television viewers. According to the rules of the program the author of the design project has the right for only one short meeting with the apartment owners but he or she is not allowed to ask a direct question «What would you like?». In Mrs. Hernandez Getashvili's opinion epatage as the ultimate priority of this television project is not the most difficult part of it: «I have to feel what sort of room each family member is dreaming of and  understand how I can combine these often contradictive wishes. And for me it is very important to understand them within this hour… If one day I come to open up some courses for architects and designers, the psychology of communication between the customer and the contractor is going to be a compulsory subject, apart from drawing and painting».


Architects Oscar Niemeyer and Nana Hernandez Getashvili.


In 2007 Nana Hernandez Getashvili acted as the author and presenter of eight television educational programs «The Secret of the World Architecture» ( «Workshop» («Мастерская») ) television company production). As the review puts it: «these are the most enigmatic and significant events in the human history, these are the lives of people, these are the secrets of great civilizations suddenly revealed to us through the perspective of architecture. Palaces and temples, lost in the space and time of the city… Eight films. Each of them is a revelation.» The first showing of the documentary serial took place in 2008 on the federal channel «Russia». A true sensation of the project was the interview with Oscar Niemeyer, the legendary architect of the city of Brasilia, the capital of the Southern American country. For 25 years the great maitre has been steadily refusing to communicate with the media. But he made an exception for his Russian colleague. Unfortunately the 9th episode of the serial never came out. Fidel Castro had agreed to have a conversation about architecture, but the leader of Cuba fell seriously ill the night the shooting team landed at the airport of Havana. 

The serial «The Secrets of the World Architecture» was the nominee of the IX national award in the sphere of documentary cinema «Laurel Branch» («Лавровая ветвь») 2008 in the category «Best serial, a number of documentaries» and it obtained the prize of the television forum of the Eurasian Television and Radio Academy in Moscow. In 2009 it rightly received Grand Prix at the IV International Film Festival of popular scientific cinema «The World of Knowledge». Separate episodes were shown at the Cannes International Film Festival receiving recognition, awards and translation into 40 languages of the world.In 2007 Nana Hernandez Getashvili acted as co-producer of two feature-length documentaries. Philosophers’ thoughts, views of representatives of different religions, unexpected suggestions of anthropologists and biochemists, unique results of many years of research – in the films «The Secret of Love» and «The Secret of Death». The film «The Secret of Love» («Workshop» («Мастерская») television company production at the request of the First Channel, 2009, producers Andrey Klishas, Nana Getashvili, Saida Medvedeva) discusses the question why this feeling makes us at one moment so happy and at the next moment so endlessly unhappy.
The film «The Secret of Death» («Workshop» («Мастерская»)  television company production at the request of the First Channel, 2009, producers Andrey Klishas, Nana Getashvili, Saida Medvedeva) tells us that we should cherish every moment of our life and most importantly we should believe in Love. Working in shot, the atmosphere of the film set enraptured the architect-artist. This sudden creative urge towards film industry was realized through a totally new role of a producer of a fiction film. Her first experience was rather successful thus underlining once again the multifacet character of Nana Hernandez Getashvili’s talent. With her active participation the Russian comedy «Crawfishlike» («Какраки») was created starring Michael Efremov and directed by Ilia Demichev.  This moving love story of a modern government corrupt official leads the main character to death in a prison ward. The film came out in November 2009 and was selected for the program «Un Certain Regard» of the Cannes International Film Festival.The film was the nominee in the category «Best feature film» of the Russian national film award «Golden Eagle» («Золотой Орел»). The same year the film was awarded two prizes of the XVII Russian Film Festival «The Window to Europe» («Окно в Европу») in Viborg – the Prize of the President of the festival for debut, and the third place (the Prize «Silver Boat» («Серебряная ладья»)) in the contest «Viborg Counting» («Выборгсикй счет»).

In April 2010 the film «Crawfishlike» was awarded the Special Jury Prize in the category «Best producer’s hitting the mark» at the Ceremony of Professional Award for the best producer debut «Shot!» («Снято!») . Nana Hernandez Getashvili also plays a cameo role in this film.


As a public figure Nana Hernandez Getashvili was elected delegate at the women’s international convention АРЕС in Saint-Petersburg. After an enormously successful speech about emotional leadership at the convention she went on to participate in the АРЕС forum in Vladivostok. 

The President of NG Galaxy at the meeting with the President of Mexico


Today NG Galaxy includes several companies. Each of them represents an individual  direction in creative work and business:

«NG Galaxy GMBH» - head holding (Germany)

«NG PROJECT» - architectural company

«NG Gallery» -  art gallery

«NG Style» -  international institute of fashion industry and design, a chain of multibrand clothes and shoes boutiques (currently at the stage of opening)

«NG bau GMBH» - construction of rapidly erected buildings (German production)

«NG construct» - all types of construction work

«NG trade» - a chain of offices buying and selling elements of furnishings: furniture, light fittings, accesories, fabrics, carpets, etc.  

«NG Сinema» - television and cinema 

«NG Georgia» - exclusive representation of fashion brands: Versace, Jitrois in Georgia. 


Every start for Nana Hernandez Getashvili is a happy moment for a creative person. A highly professional person who understands your inner world. A person who sincerely wishes to make the world around you peaceful and happy.