Documentary «Workaholics»

«Труд человека кормит, а лень портит», «Без труда не выловишь рыбку из пруда»...Во все времена склонность к безделью, считалась пороком, грехом.

«Idleness rusts the mind», «No pain no gain» ... At all times tendency to idleness has been considered vicious and sinful.

In the USSR those who did not work were despised and could be even criminally charged with social parasitism.

Front-rank workers, on the contrary, were elite. They were held up as an example and encouraged with valuable gifts. 

In the modern world the phenomenon when the person is excessively keen on work is called workophilia or workaholism. There are more and more such people. 

Lawyer Mikhail Barshchevsky, architect Nana Getashvili, singer Nastya Zadorozhnaya, actor Dmitry Polonsky, businessman Stanislav Ananyev. These people are obsessed with work — someone is interested in money, someone in the status, someone in the process and someone in the result. 

Psychologists’ views on this point agree: the reasons for workaholism are different but it became an illness of the modern society long ago... 

The documentary features:

Anastasiya Zadorozhnaya (actress and singer), Mikhail Barshchevsky (lawyer), Nana Getashvili (architect), Stanislav Ananyev (businessman), Dmitry Polonsky (actor).